The Carrie Underwood Workout: How She Dropped 20 Pounds After American Idol

carrie underwood workout 1It’s true…a Carrie Underwood workout routine helped her shave 20 pounds off post-American Idol!  Who doesn’t love Carrie Underwood!?!  From her southern drawl to her beautiful bright smile, Carrie Underwood epitomizes the term ‘American Idol’ because…well…she is one!

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Carrie was introduced to the world in 2005 when she first auditioned for American Idol. After impressing the judges (not to mention the rest of us), she was named and famed as the 2005 American Idol winner and launched her career as a country music singer.

After the grueling competition was over, Carrie came home and decided she needed to lose weight for the advancement of her career as well as to avoid hurtful comments being thrown at her by the media and others. A sad, but true fact.

Being a vegetarian, she followed a low-calorie meal plan and wrote down her food intake religiously! “I’m a big nighttime eater,” Carrie told Oprah. “When I can look at my diary and see how many calories I’ve consumed during the day, I’m able to figure out how much I can eat at night.”

She also hired a personal trainer to help her customize her very own in-home gym, tailored to very basic workouts intended to help her build a strong foundation of exercise which would then progress to the Carrie Underwood workout program she follows today. In an interview with SHAPE magazine, Carrie said she started with an elliptical machine for cardio, a balance ball for ab work, and free weights to tone her arms and shoulders. “We got really simple, basic stuff, because if it was anything more complicated, I knew I wouldn’t have used it,” says Carrie.

Once she worked with her trainer and got the basics down, they started creating a much more complex regime which we call the Carrie Underwood Workout. The Carrie Underwood Workout incorporates cardio (which Carrie loves, toting that it helps ‘the pounds melt off!’), and then High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) of various body weight exercises, followed by 10-15 minutes of steady cardio to cool down.

So, let’s flesh this out as an example of a Carrie Underwood Workout you could do at your own home or gym:


A Typical Carrie Underwood Workout Routine:

 WARMUP:  Walk or jog (depending on your fitness level) for 15 minutes

WORKOUT:  Do each move for 20 seconds as hard as you can and repeat 10 times:
• Pull-ups
• Push-ups
• Jumping jacks
• Lunges
• Supine (lying on your back) Leg lifts
• Squat jumps

COOL DOWN:  Walk or jog (depending on your fitness level) for 15 minutes

Note: More of Carrie Underwood’s workouts are posted on the Workouts and Videos page.


carrie underwood workout 4Why is this Carrie Underwood workout effective? Because, it’s smart! Her trainer taught her to maximize her time in the gym in order to minimize her time in the gym. By taking your body through something called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), you create an oxygen debt. This oxygen debt keeps you burning free fatty acids long after your workouts (something in the training world we call Excess Post Cardiovascular Output or EPCO).

Carrie also incorporated Krav Maga into her training, which is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces…Watch out Simon Cowell!  This simple and effective self defense system also utilizes the HIIT method mentioned above as it combines kickboxing moves with kettlebells, situps, lunges, and the like, with the added intense bouts of cardio intervals to utilize EPCO.  Carrie’s a busy gal, and although fitness is her priority, she has learned to work out smarter, not harder.

SOOO…what can we do to achieve results like Carrie, for those of us without a world class trainer or a membership to an elite gym?  First of all, I recommend you watch this video:

Carrie Underwood Workout Video

As you saw from the video, us women need to work out differently than conventional wisdom and most trainers tell us we need to in order to achieve a lean physique.

The next component to the Carrie Underwood workout is the Carrie Underwood diet.  I don’t know about you, but measuring every food and only eating vegetables doesn’t appeal to me and is not something I can sustain long term.  If you want to lose fat and learn to eat right for your body, then watch this second video that shows you 3 fat burning principles you can use to transform your life and your body in the next 30 days and the rest of your life:


I hope those two videos help you to achieve the Carrie Underwood look.  Her workouts and diet plans are definitely great as you can see from her body.  The research I have done and the programs I have mentioned above have completely changed the way I work out and the way I work out my clients who want to be strong, but also feminine.

Thank you, Carrie Underwood, for continuing to be an inspiration not only in the world of music, but in the world health and fitness!

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